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The city’s attractions

Zielona Góra is also known as the city of wine. The city has been associated with wine growing for seven centuries, which results in crowds of tourists from around the world visiting Zielona Góra during the grape harvest season. What is more, its excellent location (close to international communication routes) creates favourable conditions for growth of tourism and economy.

Main attractions of the city include:


The Palm House in Zielona Góra is situated on the very top of the Wine Hill. It is one of the most recognizable tourist attractions of the city and Lubuskie Province. 

The Palm House can boast over 200 species of exotic plants, including the largest date palm in Europe. It is also a home to many species of animals, such as aquatic turtles and aquarium fish.

The Chapel in Vineyard is located at 17 Aliny Street. It was built in Zielona Góra after 1314 to express gratitude for protection for the citizens of Zielona Góra who survived the epidemic of the plague and to worship the Mother of God.

In 19th century the chapel was owned by a local vintner who used the building to make wine. Currently it is the Exaltation of the Holy Cross Church.

St. Hedwig's Co-Cathedral in Zielona Góra is the oldest monument that survived in the city. It was erected in 13th century by Duke Konrad I. 

The church is a fine example of Gothic architecture. The décor of the church that survived until today includes the baroque organ gallery from 17th century with painted images of the Saints.


Speedway Stadium in Zielona Góra is located at 69 Wrocławska Street. It is the main facility of the local speedway team. The Stadium was built in 1926 and currently it is the largest stadium in Zielona Góra. It can seat more than 14 thousand persons. Speedway matches can make excellent entertainment for tourists looking for genuine emotions and great fun.

The above pictures have been downloaded from Wikipedia
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