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Wedding at Qubus Hotel Wrocław

Plan a wedding of your dreams in "Maria Magdalena" restaurant at Qubus Hotel Wrocław - right next to the Market Square. Organize a wedding reception in a stylish and elegant restaurant hall which can comfortably seat up to 80 guests.

An exquisite menu composed by our Chefs shall match your individual culinary preferences. We will provide an impressive chocolate fountain and a table full of traditional Polish dishes at the Young Couple's request. We will also provide you with a support of our experienced wedding specialist.

Our Guests can enjoy spacious, air-conditioned interior of a restaurant hall which can comfortably seat up to 80 persons. The restaurant hall comprises a dance floor.

In addition to our general wedding offer we provide you with:

  • Organization of a wedding reception for up to 80 persons,
  • A menu from PLN 189 / person,
  • Location in the very city centre - 30 m from the Market Square,
  • A traditional "bread and salt" welcome on a red carpet,
  • A luxurious apartment for the Newly-weds,
  • Apartments for the parents and wedding guests at special prices,
  • Pre-wedding tasting of the dishes and wines,
  • A honeymoon in one of our hotels for 1 PLN

The wedding menu composed by our Chefs shall match your individual culinary preferences. We will provide an impressive chocolate fountain and a table full of traditional Polish dishes at the Young Couple's request. We serve both Polish and European cuisine dishes. Special menus for vegetarians, guests with allergies and young children will be prepared at your request.

Sherzad Djalilov and Amal Tsaera / 16 October 2016

The service was excellent. The staff was very polite. We enjoyed the stay in your hotel. The catering service was wonderful as well. Food was very tasty with great variety of choice. The hall was perfect. All 45 people could dance on the dancefloor. We felt like we were at home.

Barbara Bukowska and Adam Bukowski / 26 May 2012

Smiling, friendly professionals with excellent manners who silently and flawlessly carry out their duties. We were really impressed, feeling that we are treated exceptionally. The food was delicious and served in a pleasing way. Every single person praised the cuisine. The ballroom was decorated exactly the way we wanted it to be - modestly elegant and classical in style.

Anna Wierzbińska and Mariusz Caban / wedding: 22 September 2012

The staff was very polite, professional and efficient, starting from formal issues and finishing with the waiting staff. Similarly to our guests, we found the ballroom interior very cosy and functional. We felt comfortably while socializing and dancing alike. Wedding decorations were modest, but we found them sufficient.

Aleksandra Białas and Fabricio Colluna / wedding: 11 August 2012

Great organization and fully professional service. Excellent food - great quality and way of serving. The Chef showed a lot of imagination matching the menu to our expectations. The ballroom was classically and elegantly decorated. Our guests were speechless with delight.

Małgorzata and Francesco Bottigliero / wedding: 4 August 2012

Wonderful and professional staff - discreet and timely while attending to our guests. Very tasty dishes and served in proper amounts. Stylishly and elegantly decorated ballroom, adequate number of seats in comfortable arrangement with sufficient area of the dance floor.

Dorota Dobrzyńska and Paweł Dobrzyński / wedding: 18 August 2012

Exemplary service, waiters open to requests and suggestions, committed to service of the guests. Rich gastronomic offer. Refined dishes matching expectations of every palate. The dishes were served in an attractive manner. Taste, quality and grade of ingredients - top class! The ballroom was decorated in accordance with our instructions. Seats were arranged neatly and accurately. Comfort guaranteed.

Karolina Langowska and Michał Sopoćko / wedding: 15 September 2012

Flawless service - polite, communicative, smiling and helpful staff. Wide selection of dishes - genuine composition of the menu. Great decoration.

Izabela and Michał Goszcz / wedding: 06 October 2012

Professional approach of the personnel responsible for organization of the reception. We would like to thank the waiters, the Chef and the wedding specialist. Excellent quality of services and refined menu. Elegant decoration of the ballroom and neatly arranged tables.

Agnieszka Siergiej and Rafał Kolyt / wedding: 14 July 2012

Friendly, professional and helpful service. We could not expect a better service. Waitresses were sensational and ready to help throughout the entire reception. The ballroom was beautiful in itself and required no additional decoration. Table settings were elegant and discreet. The ballroom was perfect for up to 60 persons when all the guests are having fun on the dance floor.

Aleksandra Kamińska and Włodzimierz Kepel / wedding: 30 June 2012

Friendly, helpful and flexible staff knowing how to attend to guests without being insistent - truly competent people. Tasty food and organization in accordance with our requirements. Waiters were very attentive.

Aneta and Łukasz Chrzanowski / wedding: 28 July 2012

High quality of services. The waiting staff was polite and discreet. The food was delicious, sophisticated and nicely served. The ballroom was really beautiful and seats were arranged as requested.

Noora Laine-Mueller / wedding: 14.06.2014

Service was professional and very nice from the begining of the wedding planning till the actual day. On the wedding day everything went smoothly and as agreed. Foods was delicious and there was certainly enaugh:) The restaurant was decorated nicely as per earlier agreement with our own decoration. 

Qubus Hotel Wrocław

Qubus Hotel Wrocław ****
2 Św. Marii Magdaleny St.
50-103 Wrocław

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