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1. Who may become a Loyalty Guest?

 Every person using the services of QUBUS HOTEL chain can join the Programme.

2. How can I join the Q-Club Programme?

You can join the Q-Club Loyalty Programme by filling in application form available at

3. How will I get the access data to my Q-Club account at

Login details will be sent when an employee of Central Reservation Office accepts your application. This will take no longer than 48h starting from the moment when you accepted personal data sent to your e-mail address after proper filling of the application.

In case you already have an account but forgot login details, please contact Central Reservation Office available on working days (Monday-Friday): +48 71 782 87 65, or

4. How are the Q-Club programme points calculated?

For all types of reservations made through website points are calculated according with ratio 1 PLN = 1.3 points.

Bookings made via telephone, e-mail, walk-in or Internet communicator live chat are subject to the weighting of point 1 PLN = 1 point

5. What are the services for which I get my Q-Club points?

room rental,


gastronomy service in Qubus Hotel restaurants,

car parking space,

mini-bar in hotel room,

paid phone calls,

6. What are the services for which I don’t get any Q-Club points?

Points are not calculated for services provided in connection with:

group reservations,

special events, weddings, christening receptions, New Year’s Eve balls and others,

conferences, symposiums or other similar events.

Points will not be awarded for individual bookings made through external booking systems, except for those made with company negotiated rates.

7. When can I get an accommodation in return for my points (Bonus)?

Our Loyalty Guests can take advantage of their Bonus reservations depending on availability of rooms within the selected period.

Collected points can be exchanged for accommodation (Bonus) only during weekends – from 2:00 p.m. on Friday till 12:00 p.m. on Monday. It is not possible to book Bonus on the weekend between 28 December and 3 January. 

8. How can I make a reservation in return for my points (Bonus)?

You can book Bonus room within 7 days before the planned arrival at the latest by contacting Central Reservation Office (on working days 8:00-20:00) or with a specific Hotel at weekends and on hours that CRO is not operating.

9. How can I cancel a reservation made in return for points (Bonus)?

A reservation can be cancelled by telephone, or e-mail sent to The cancellation shall include the reservation number, name and surname of the reservation participant and the number of the loyalty card. If the cancellation is made before 6:00 p.m. on the arrival day at the latest, the points shall be returned to the account of the Guest.

10. Is the reservation made in return for points (Bonus) a guaranteed reservation?

Yes, it is a guaranteed reservation. If the reservation is confirmed and the Guest does not appear at the hotel, he/she shall be charged with the costs applicable for the first day of reservation (by deducting the equivalent number of points from his/her account) and the remaining days of reservation shall be cancelled.

11. How can I order gifts offered in the Gifts Catalogue?

You can order any gift currently available in the Catalogue by sending an e-mail to Please include the exact name of the gift and an address, that we shall send the gift. An order can be also made at in Q-Club tab, in Gifts Catalogue window. 

12. How will I get my gifts?

Your gifts shall be delivered by courier mail to the specific address provided in the e-mail message or in the order made directly from your Q-Club Account on The cost of shipment in Poland shall be covered by QUBUS HOTEL. The cost of shipment abroad shall be covered by the Addressee.

13. How long is my membership valid?

If no transaction rewarded with points is made within two years, the membership in the Loyalty Programme shall expire and any points collected will be lost. Any resulting claims of a Loyalty Guest are inadmissible. All Q-Club Guests will be notified about forthcoming expiry dates with an e-mail message sent 30 days before it happens.

14. Is the collected points have expiry date?

If within two years a Q-Club Guest does not redeem any of his/her points for awards or Bonuses, half of currently owned points shall be deducted. All Q-Club Guests will be notified about forthcoming expiry dates with an e-mail message sent 30 days before it happens.

15. How can I contact a person responsible for operation of the Q-Club programme?

Loyalty Guests can submit their queries, reservations or remarks concerning the Q-Club loyalty programme by contacting Central Reservation Office, Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. till 20:00 p.m.:


telephone: (+48 71) 782 8 765