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Qubus Hotel appreciated by its employees!

It is the fourth time when Qubus Hotel has been distinguished by the chapter of the "Inwestor w Kapitał Ludzki" (Investor in Human Capital) programme. The chain owes its another prestigious award to high marks received from its employees.

The idea of this programme lies with appreciating and distinguishing employers that make conscious investments in their staff. At Qubus Hotel the investment is present from the very beginning of the chain career, as newly employed personnel participates in adaptation and introduction programmes, and in further career stages when employees can benefit from a variety of specialist training.

- Members of our staff benefit from a number of in-house training programmes which enable them to become acquainted with the best standards in the hotel industry and learning about them - says Artur Hajduk, President of the Management Board - Our employees can also learn with the use of our e-learning platform. I must add that this form of education has been evaluated highly by our employees in the last questionnaire distributed as part of "Inwestor w Kapitał Ludzki" programme.

Qubus Hotel develops its package of non-financial incentives successively, which results from response to the needs of its employees. Such actions enable us to boost the image of Qubus Hotel as an appreciated employer that is sensitive to expectations of its personnel. The chain offers diverse benefits available for its employees and matching the needs of various professional groups.

- Availability of private medical care is definitely the benefit that is most appreciated by our employees. Our medical packages for the loved ones are also very popular as they offer advanced medical care services for families of our employees - adds Artur Hajduk - Our employees are also interested in financial support for various forms of fitness and sports activities. Our cyclical employee schemes which provide financial support for purchase of textbooks and teaching aids for children of our employees or scholarships for the best students among our staff are also very popular with our employees.