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Enjoy the noble taste of goose at Qubus Hotel restaurants

On 25th March 14 Qubus Hotel restaurants will introduce their new spring and summer menu. This time the chain has decided to focus on the rich and noble taste of goose, duck and beef.

Naturally, spring and summer are the seasons dominated by light meals rich in vegetables and fruit. The new chain menu will include both, nourishing meat dishes and light salads. Qubus Hotel Chefs could not forget about spring vegetables while designing their new menu.

- In the first place our Guests will be offered genuine dishes based on goose and duck meat. Those who decide to visit our restaurants will be able to taste such delicacies as slices of smoked goose served on assorted beans accompanied by bacon and nuts topping and cranberry sauce or delicate lettuce served with blini with pieces of chicken and fresh spring vegetables. Lovers of light soups will definitely enjoy our vegetable minestrone with a hint of basil mousse - says Mariusz Tkaczyk, Gastronomy Specialist and major designer of the new spring menu offered by Qubus Hotel chain.

Apart from light salads the new menu will also include such unique, nourishing dishes as stewed beef cheeks in their own gravy served with celery and potato puree, duck fillet marinated in honey and cloves or smoked goose fillet served with horseradish sauce on potato roast with aromatic marjoram. Those who have a sweet tooth will be pleased with our genuine dessert - white chocolate mousse served on mango puree with a crunchy, chocolate Jaffa Cake.

- Our new menu is the proof of our commitment to offer extraordinary gustatory sensations to our Guests in the first place. This season our Guests will have an opportunity to choose between the noble tastes of goose and duck. Even though Poland has been one of main suppliers of goose meat in Europe, goose dishes have been hardly present in restaurant menus for years. We are convinced that it is worth to draw on the rich Old Polish culinary tradition and make the best of the broad range of Polish products. All our dishes are composed only of top quality, fresh products. It guarantees that our Guests can always enjoy healthy, aromatic and genuine dishes served by our Chefs - says Michał Ogórek, Chief Gastronomy Specialist at Qubus Hotel chain.

The main menu including the most popular dishes such as gnocchi with chicken, lemon salmon, steaks, grilled lamb with Feta cheese or chicken entrecôte makes an excellent supplement to our new menu. Our Guests can also choose from a variety of hot and cold drinks. In addition to this we offer our genuine wine list including a selection of wines from all over the world.