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Fish Festival in Qubus Hotel Gdańsk

From 4 to 24 March all Guests visiting Qubus Hotel Gdańsk restaurant will have the unique opportunity to taste remarkable dishes prepared as part of the Fish Festival organized by the hotel.

Special menu will be available 3 days a week - on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. The Chef will prepare 4 genuine dishes especially for gourmets of delicate fish. The starters include such delicacies as salmon marinated in sweet and sour sauce and herring rollmops served with traditional potato salad. Those who prefer some proper food can choose between such goodies as grilled tuna steak served on fresh lettuce leaves or sauté cod fillet accompanied by stewed tomatoes and leeks.

- Our new proposals have been designed especially for those who prefer fresh, healthy, spring flavours and delicate fish. After all, our restaurant is located in the seaside city with rich culinary tradition based on fish - says Krzysztof Okoń, Chef at Qubus Hotel Gdańsk - Fish dishes have plenty of vitamins, including A, D and E vitamins, as well as omega-3 fatty acids which improve our natural immunity. For these reasons fish dishes are light, healthy and perfect for early spring days - adds Mr Okoń.

They also make an interesting alternative for vegetarians. Yet, the Chef never forgets about those who prefer traditional meats and offers them plenty of dishes from the main menu. It includes over 30 proposals, starting from light soups and original starters and moving to nourishing pasta and aromatic meats, including lamb, beef steaks and poultry dishes.

- The Fish Festival, as the new menu full of sea delicacies is called, has been prepared for those Guests who are eager to taste fish dishes while visiting Gdańsk. Our Guests know that our restaurant always offers dishes made of high-quality, fresh products. This is one of the ways we use to encourage our Guests to taste savoury and healthy food, which is exactly what fish dishes are - says Rafał Willich, Director of Qubus Hotel Gdańsk.

Qubus Hotel Gdańsk is a 4-star facility located on the bank of picturesque Motława River. It offers 193 beds in 110 comfortable rooms. The facility is also used as a conference centre housing 4 conference rooms with total area of 250m2.