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Qubus Hotel staff among the best – in Poland and in the world

Edyta Goryszewska - Szumska, Head of Human Resources at Qubus Hotel has been awarded the title of "The Best Head of HR in 2013" and Mariusz Tkaczyk, Gastronomy Specialist at Qubus Hotel and his team have won the first prize in "Jack Daniel's World Championship Invitational Barbecue" competition.

At the end of November this year the Honorary Award Committee selected the winner of "The Best Head of HR in 2013" competition during a festive gala event held in Warszawa. The event was organized by "Knowledge and Practice" Publishing House which intends to promote the best practices in the field of human resources management in companies in this way. HR departments are playing increasingly strategic role by focusing their strengths on improving quality of human resources and professional development of employees. The competition was aimed at selecting people who can manage their departments in a modern and efficient way, being not only the upholder of standards and procedures but also their "amiable face".

- The prize I received is a truly great distinction for me. I take it as a proof of success achieved by the entire Qubus Hotel chain HR Department. The prize shows that our department is run by professionals who are committed to their mission and identify themselves with the company and its values. I am lucky to work with a group of individuals who enrich the company with their own creativity, making a great team at the same time - says Edyta Goryszewska-Szumska, Head of Human Resources at Qubus Hotel - Our chain is very active in the field of human resources. We assume that the right direction of HR policy and proper style of management are the basis for building the image of Qubus Hotel as an attractive place of work - sums up Mrs Edyta.

Mr Mariusz Tkaczyk, Gastronomy Specialist at Qubus Hotel chain can also be proud of his success, namely the first prize in the barbecue sauce category he won with his "Polish BBQ Kings" team in "Jack Daniel's World Championship Invitational Barbecue" competition.

- It was my eighth BBQ competition. The beginnings were difficult as I was just starting to learn the secrets of American cuisine. Yet, I managed to win the titles of BBQ Champion and Vice-Champion twice. The fact that I could take part in the competition was already a great reward. Our team is the only Polish team in the competition. This year we succeeded in winning the first prize in the "BBQ sauce" category. Americans are champions in this field, yet it was Polish ideas that won the recognition of the jury and got us the first prize. Our BBQ sauce will be introduced to the American market in 2014 and will be sold all over the country - says Mariusz Tkaczyk - BBQ is a great fun combined with learning as well as a lifestyle and passion at the same time. During the competition we had the opportunity to work with the best chefs in the USA. Now I can share the knowledge with my colleagues in Poland. I feel proud and really happy to represent our country in the New World - sums up Mr Tkaczyk.

Qubus Hotel is a chain of 14 (3 and 4-star) business class hotels. It has been operating in the Polish market for 17 years now and constantly develops its hotels, accommodation offer and HR policy. Thanks to its efficient style of management Qubus Hotel offers the highest quality of services to its Guests and a friendly place of work to its employees.