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Would you be able to clean 210 rooms?

What creates the atmosphere of a hotel and makes its Guests happy to be back? How to arrange a hotel room to make a traveller feel at home? Finally, who takes care of the cleanliness and why is Housekeeping Department one of the most important units in operation of the hotel? These questions will be answered by Ms Dorota Dziedzic, Chief Housekeeping Specialist at Qubus Hotel chain.

Guests who make their reservations pay for quality, cleanliness and high standard of services, and verify what they get in return for their money during their stay. A clean and sweet-smelling hotel room, comfortable beds, elegant bathroom - these are the elements that often influence Guest's opinion about the hotel. This is why Housekeeping Department employees play such an important role in selling major hotel product - comfortable accommodation in standard rooms and apartments.


The basic responsibility of Housekeeping Department is ensuring cleanliness of all hotel rooms. It includes changing and keeping record of bed linen, towels and publicity materials. Housekeeping Department employees inform their managers of any shortages and faults found in a room, but also report and keep record of items left by hotel Guests. They are also responsible for cooperation with the laundry service and handling of Guests' requests, such as a need for additional cleaning, extra towels etc. Housekeeping Department is also responsible for ensuring cleanliness in common areas such as corridors, lifts, cloakrooms and toilets.


During 17 years of our operation in the market employees of the Housekeeping Department handled thousands of requests made by our Guests. There were also some unusual requests, for example one of our Guests wanted the meal for his dog to be served in bowls arranged on a tray. Our staff members have been also asked to deliver 6 additional pillows once, and they sewed thousands of shirt buttons.


One of the most important standards applicable for Housekeeping Department is cleaning of a hotel room. Every Housekeeping Department employee starts his/her work from opening of the windows, taking out the rubbish from the room and the bathroom, and checking the contents of the mini bar. Then bed linen and towels are removed, beds are made and the bathroom is cleaned. After that the room is vacuumed and dusted, and towels, bottles of mineral water and publicity materials are delivered. Finally, condition of the equipment is verified. If no faults are found, the room is entered into our sales system.

Housekeeping Department employees often find various items that are accidentally left in rooms by our Guests. They are usually chargers for different types of devices (mobile phones, laptops, shavers, toothbrushes etc.), cosmetics, jewellery, clothes, money or documents. But we also happen to experience some funny surprises. Once we found a head of cabbage and some candles in a wardrobe. In all such cases our Housekeeping Department employees meet the standards applicable for keeping record of abandoned property. They also inform their manager or the reception desk of the abandoned item. If the Guest has not checked out yet, the item is returned to him/her at the reception desk. Otherwise the item is entered into the Record of Abandoned Property.

Ewelina Szlufik, member of our team from 2013
„Cleaning standards are clear and make things much easier for me. They help me to get better results at work. What I learned at Qubus Hotel about keeping a room clean is also very useful in case of my own home. The standards made the cleaning easier, faster and more effective"

Halina Boruszka, member of our team from 2003
„Room cleaning standards put all the activities in good order so it's simply impossible to miss any surface in the course of work. They are so efficient that I use them in my own house. Sometimes I make my family laugh because of the way I fold a piece of toilet paper or polish the bathroom tap"


Each newly employed member of Housekeeping Department has to undergo a training conducted by a manager or specialist. The training takes about 3 months and finishes with a test. Training standards are developed on the basis of the long-standing experience gained in the course of operation of the department. They are also created with the use of suggestions made by our Guests.


Qubus Hotel offers accommodation in 1462 rooms. The chain has been classified in the 5th position in the ranking of the largest hotel chains operating in Poland in 2012. ("Report on the hotel market in Poland in 2012" prepared by "Hotelarz" portal )

The entire chain uses over 4 000 regularly disinfected antiallergic pillows and quilts. We also have 2448 beds and 6296 towels in constant use.

A chambermaid cleans 210 rooms per month on average. Cleaning of 1 room takes approximately from 20 to 25 minutes. The average age of Qubus Hotel Housekeeping Department staff member is 42 years.

Our company supports the idea of responsible business, also in terms of ecology. For this reason we reduce the number of packages by using concentrates. We perform monthly controls of concentrations of cleaning agents used by our staff and our bathrooms display information on responsible use of drinking water.