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Pre- schoolers got control over Bielsko-Biała Qubus Hotel.

Specialists from Bielsko-Biała four-star hotel , during holiday, have decided to organise a prosocial campaign for the children from local kindergartens, entitled ‘Little hotelier's academy'. Thanks to it the children have the opportunity to see how such big and modern structure functions, and how does work in particular sectors of Bielsko-Biała Qubus Hotel look like.

We have decided to organise campaign like this because such action goes in accordance with the policy of the responsible business in our chain of hotels, and our corporate values, including such as: hospitality, cooperation or development. We think that learning with fun is the best investment in the development of such young people. We also want to show that our hotel is not only a typical business building, and that also children fell great in it. We host many of them for instance during special events which take place in our hotel- says Justyna Mikołajczyk, Head of Marketing and Sales Department in Bielsko-Biała Qubus Hotel.

First such event took place in the hotel July 18 this year. Along the holiday, next kindergartens will visit Bielsko-Biała Qubus Hotel.

- We can observe a huge response from kindergartens, which showed the willingness to take part in our project.. We have already hosted ‘Tik Tak' kindergarten, and next in line we will invite ‘Groszek' and ‘Figlarz' kindergartens, the rest have not fixed the dates with us yet- says Justyna Mikołajczyk.

During the event the children visit entire facility along with the kitchen, restaurants, rooms, reception, even technical department. Individual employees explain to the children what does their work consist in. Children have the opportunity to ask questions and test eg.beds. This attraction appeals to children most. After the trip , every child gets from the hotel the ‘‘Little hotelier's certificate'.

Bielsko-Biała Qubus Hotel is one of the newest and most modern facilities in the chain of Qubus Hotel. It is also an ideal place for organising such special events as baptism, first communion or wedding reception.