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Bartender from Sky Bar one of the best in the world

Rafał Nawrot, a full-time employee of Qubus Hotel Prestige Katowice Sky Bar among 19 best bartenders of the world.

The Sky Bar bartender was the first Polish professional who participated in the prestigious Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition and qualified to the world final at Puerto Rico. This year's edition became part of the 150th anniversary of the company foundation.

This exotic city hosted 19 best bartenders in the world. Those bartenders were qualified in advance in the finals of local editions of the competition. The competition focused on the idea of a classic cocktail to compete with the recognized and popular drinks like "Mojito" or "Cuba Libre". Each participant had to create his own original drink and describe it. Rafał Nawrot prepared the cocktail called True Bacardi Desire.

- I was inspired with the combination of Polish and Caribbean cultures. In my presentation I mixed Polish hard work and persistence with Caribbean openness and fun coming from their lifestyle. Who else joins those qualities if not the bartender? I think that a bartender can express multiculturalism with his attitude. I try to learn from the best, so this is why I can say that other bartenders are also my inspirations. I have managed to work out my own bartending style in the course of my career. I am constantly striving for perfection - stresses Rafał Nawrot.

The Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition is aimed at searching and rewarding original personalities. All persons who qualified to the main final are bartenders full of passion and creative ideas. They are not afraid to innovate and introduce new trends. This year's finalists were assessed by bartenders of international esteem such as Salvatore Calabrese, Simon Difford or Nicolas Saint-Jean. This prestigious competition gives Rafał Nawrot opportunity to learn from outstanding specialists in the most recognized bars in the world. From 22 July Mr Nawrot will participate in the International Worthersee Cocktail Cup 2013 to be held in Klagenfurt, Austria.

Meanwhile, Guests of Qubus Hotel Prestige Katowice can meet him at the unique Sky Bar situated on the 27th floor of the Altus building. They can have a good time in this special place and taste one of the best cocktails in the world - True Bacardi Desire.

- At Qubus Hotel Prestige Katowice I have learnt how to work as a member of a large and strong team. The Sky Bar located in this 4-star hotel is also a very prestigious venue. It is also very important that I have a free hand here as far as creating of cocktails is concerned, so I can develop my skills constantly. Guests who visit Sky Bar recognize me and they know my skills, so they often ask me to make some special composition, which I make in accordance with their tastes. I am really happy when I see that Guests enjoy my proposals. I always try to suggest something unconventional. I try to make my drinks genuine, even if they are truly classic compositions. At the moment at Sky Bar I am happy to work with bartenders who have a vocation for the job. I love my job and it fills a huge part of my life. I am a lucky guy to do the thing I love. Somebody said that it's the most masculine job in the world and it's true by all means - sums up Rafał Nawrot.

Qubus Hotel Prestige Katowice Sky Bar is a unique venue located in the very centre of Katowice. Being located on the 27th floor, the bar is a perfect place not only to relax after work, but also to organize special events like wedding or christening receptions.