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Children from nursery schools in Gorzów participated in the "Eco Hotel" competition.

Despite the fact that it can take years to design a hotel, there are people who can do it in two weeks. The task has been taken up by the children from nursery schools in Gorzów who participated in the "Eco Hotel" competition organized by Qubus Hotel Gorzów Wlkp.

Near the end of June 2013 children from nursery schools in Gorzów prepared scale models of a hotel of their dreams made of renewable materials. The best models were chosen during the final which was held at Qubus Hotel Gorzów Wlkp. Yet, this is not the end as the winning teams - Municipal Nursery School No. 17, Municipal Nursery School No. 11, Municipal Nursery School No. 22 - will receive a special prize from Qubus Hotel Gorzów Wlkp. - a party for children with a plenty of surprises and games the be held in September 2013.

The kids felt truly fulfilled as designers and created wonderful scale models. Everyday items turned into elements of elevation and fittings, i.e. empty bottles turned into glazed lifts, bottle caps became cameras and the roof could boast a swimming pool and a helicopter landing pad.

- Our initiative is aimed at turning people's attention to environmentally friendly solutions as well as showing the local community that our hotel is committed and eager to take actions in the local market. We do not want our hotel to be just another building in the public space of the city. Our ambition is to turn it into a place that attracts the citizens and tourists alike. We also want to show the citizens of Gorzów that they can spend cheerful moments with their families by organizing special family events with our support - says Sławomir Kucharczyk, our Marketing Specialist.

Inviting nursery schools to have fun with us is not the first community-oriented action organized by the hotel. Qubus Hotel Gorzów has already participated in the „Fascinating Films" initiative organized by the Municipal Art Centre. This is when the facility got a special screening room in which films for the youngest viewers were shown.

- Our actions are guided by the idea of responsible business. Besides, such community-oriented actions remain in keeping with the values we promote in our chain, i.e. hospitality, commitment and development. Qubus Hotel is more and more popular among families with children, which motivates us to meet their expectations as well. This is why recently we have introduced a number of amenities for children. We have equipped our restaurants with special chairs, colourful cutlery, play areas and a special children's menu. We have also prepared a variety of DVDs with fairy tales to be found at the reception desk and a cot with a baby change table and a pack of baby wipes in the room - says Grzegorz Sowiński, Director of Qubus Hotel Gorzów Wlkp.

Qubus Hotel is a chain of 14 hotels located in centres of attractive Polish towns and cities. During 17 years of its operation in the market the chain developed the highest standards of customer service. Qubus Hotel constantly develops its facilities to meet the changing expectations of its Guests. Our efforts result in positive feedback from our Guests who rewarded our chain with high ratings a number of times. In addition to this, in 2012 4 of our facilities were distinguished by the The Family-Friendly Hotel certificate, and 2 more have been entered for the contest this year.