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Discover Georgian cuisine

Vegetables and fruit ripening in the warm rays of sunshine, juicy meat and aromatic spices. These are the products that you need to prepare a meal with unique composition of flavours. This is why from 4 July to 30 September Chefs of Qubus Hotel restaurants invite to an extraordinary journey full of Georgian flavours.

- Even though they are hardly known in Poland, Georgian dishes can compete with the best and most popular cuisines in the world - says Mariusz Tkaczyk, Gastronomy Specialist at Qubus Hotel chain. Our latest seasonal menu includes dishes prepared according to traditional Georgian culinary art - adds Mr Tkaczyk, who had the opportunity to discover the secrets and arcana of this culinary tradition under tutelage of a native Georgian.

The menu includes the most popular Georgian dishes, such as Khachapuri or Khinkali. Khachapuri from the sunny Adjara is traditionally fried pie dough stuffed with goat cheese. It is served with a salad of tomato, olive oil and mint. Another unusual proposal is regional Khinkali from Racha, that is pouch-shaped dumplings. The stuffing consists of pieces of minced meat dipped in a small amount of broth. At Qubus Hotel restaurants the dish is additionally served with a creamy sauce made of ripening cheese, cream, white wine and white pepper.

- An unusual way of eating Khinkali is very important for discovering its rich taste. Those unusual dumplings should be eaten by sucking out the broth while taking the first bite. After this the entire Khinkali dumpling can be eaten - explains Mariusz Tkaczyk.

Another Georgian dish that will definitely satisfy the expectations of all fans of meat dishes is the aromatic pork neck. It is roasted on a cast-iron pan with a succulent pepper, tomatoes, aubergine and potatoes. The meat is tender and very aromatic thanks to the fact that it is marinated in herbs and garlic in advance.

Apart from main dishes a Georgian table cannot lack in some sweet accents. The most popular fruit in Georgia - watermelons, pomegranates, apricots and walnuts - are the basis for a variety of delicious desserts. The summer menu of Qubus Hotel restaurants includes also a sweet proposal. Our Guests can delight in apricot preserves with pink melon, watermelon and pomegranate ice-cream mousse.

Our elegant restaurants are open not only for our hotel Guests, but also anybody who seeks unforgettable gustatory experiences. They are also perfect for families with children. Each of 14Qubus Hotel restaurants serves dishes prepared especially for our youngest Guests. All the dishes included in our children's menu are a combination of kids' favourite dishes and our care for the highest quality of ingredients. In addition to this each restaurant has special chairs and tables for children matching their size as well as colouring books and puzzle toys.