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Another prestigious award for Qubus Hotel Kraków “Ogień” restaurant.

The 8th edition of the 2012/2013 Recommendation Campaign for Restaurants of Kraków has been closed in April. The Campaign has been organized among others by the Municipal Council of Kraków in cooperation with Kraków Merchant Congregation, Kraków Festival Office and the Office of the Marshal of Małopolskie Province. Every year the Recommending Chapter chooses the best restaurants in Kraków.

- This year it was Qubus Hotel Kraków „Ogień" (Fire) restaurant that was awarded by the Recommending Chapter. This means that our restaurant has been found in the prestigious group of the best restaurants in Kraków. We are really proud of this award as it proves the genuine nature of our gastronomic offer and excellent taste of our dishes. All the dishes in our menu have received very good ratings. The experts also appreciated excellent taste of our dishes and professional service. Cleanliness and aesthetic qualities of the facility were also included in the areas of audit - says Iwona Szostak-Klefas, the Manager of the Restaurant at Qubus Hotel Kraków - Our Chefs never give up in their efforts to offer unique dishes. The dishes offered in our restaurant are healthy and are composed of top quality products. We also take advantage of seasonal products as our menu always boasts the flavours of the current season. Moreover, in April we have introduced a special regional supplement offering original dishes composed by our Chefs. The supplement includes such delicacies as the Kraków style thighs in fermented rye flour sauce with parsnip puree and Nigella seeds, dumplings with buckwheat groats and lentils stuffing or apples stuffed with nuts - adds Ms Szostak-Klefas.

The criteria adopted for selection of the restaurants awarded in the 8th edition of the competition were very stringent. The Chapter also awarded points for the surroundings of the restaurant, its interior and arrangement of space. It was also the comfort and atmosphere of the visit that was subject to assessment, including such details as proper scent or subdued music inside the venue. The restaurant was also verified with regards to amenities for children and its adaptation for the disabled. The experts verified in detail the standards of service, taking into account such factors as command of foreign languages by the staff, their appearance, the manner in which dishes are served and the approximate waiting time.

- The „Ogień" restaurant has been very popular with the citizens of Kraków for years, as they often decide to organize special events such as First Communion or christening receptions here. Thanks to its aesthetic and modern interiors the venue is very cosy. Another strong point of the restaurant lies in its location - on the bank of Wisła, close to the historic district of Kazimierz. In the summer our Guests are also welcome to make themselves comfortable on the terrace, where we offer our special grill menu - sums up Ms Szostak-Klefas.

The elegant „Ogień" restaurant located in the 4-star Qubus Hotel Kraków serves dishes from both, Polish and European cuisine. From April it also offers regional delicacies typical for Kraków.