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Get hooked on new flavours at Qubus Hotel!

From 27 March Qubus Hotel invites to its restaurants for new, light dishes from its spring menu. Lovers of light cuisine will find tender fish and healthy lettuces up to their expectations.

Our Guests can start their feast with genuine starters, such as lettuce duet with grilled chicken and prawns sprinkled with sweet and sour orange dressing or nourishing soups, such as traditional Polish sour rye soup with a boiled egg.

- Our new menu is above all based on high quality, healthy products. Many of our dishes include fresh ginger, which apart from its taste is also praised for its positive influence on metabolism. In addition we offer tender fish, which are perfect for those who are on a diet, and those who are most of all dedicated to healthy food. Our cuisine is also dedicated to promoting Polish traditions. This is why our gnocchi are served with porcini mushrooms and roasted duck's thigh is served on winey red cabbage with golden brown potato dumplings. In fact it was the aromatic duck meat that was the most popular among our Guests in autumn - says Mariusz Tkaczyk, Gastromony Specialist at Qubus Hotel chain - We tried to make use of the riches offered by the Nature itself at this time of year while composing our spring menu. Our dishes include spring vegetables rich in vitamins, such as young carrots, dill or fresh and natural lettuces - adds Mariusz Tkaczyk.

Our spring menu is full of tasty fish. Our Guests can taste a trout roasted in baking parchment, marinated in white wine, stuffed with young potatoes and fennel or cod tenderloin on a tomato salsa with fresh ginger, a hint of soya sauce and strips of dry-cured ham. Lovers of salmon will have an opportunity to choose between baked salmon fillet served in a broth on lemongrass and Italian tagliatelle with salmon, fresh spinach, dried tomatoes and blue cheese in a velvety cream sauce. Those who prefer nourishing meat can try our juicy grilled lamb served with aromatic garlic and herb olive oil and chunks of Feta cheese. Qubus Hotel has also prepared marinated beef sirloin served with pepper sauce (made of blue cheese) or porcini sauce for those who enjoy steaks.

- Our spring menu has been composed as a result of efforts made by our best Chefs. Their experience and unique culinary expertise guarantee that our Guests will be able to enjoy prime quality dishes made of fresh and natural products - sums up Mariusz Tkaczyk.

Apart from main dishes our menu includes also sweet desserts. This time our chain has decided to introduce genuine, freshly baked cakes such as plum and almond tart or chocolate fairy cakes with caramel filling melting inside the shortcrust muffin.

Our spring menu is complemented with a list of selected wines to match our dishes and highlight their flavours. One can start with white, light wines with sweet fruit aromas and distinctive acidulous flavour or a hint of spices and herbs, to finish their meal with a red wine full of blackcurrant aroma.