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We make our breakfasts really special at Qubus Hotel

We make our breakfasts really special at Qubus Hotel.

Qubus Hotel offers to its Guests over 100 products for breakfast. Preparation of such a rich buffet is quite a challenge so we’ve decided to visit Qubus Hotel Wrocław and see how the breakfast looks like, how many persons prepare the products and what novelties have been introduced recently. 

Preparations start as early as 5:00 a.m.

In most hotels the person responsible for preparation and serving of breakfast is the breakfast chef. Depending on the size of the hotel, the task is dealt with by 1 or 2 persons. Serving over 100 products requires excellent organization of work, precision and dexterity. This is why the chef starts to prepare the breakfast as early as 5:00 a.m. He doesn’t have much time as the first Guests begin to enter the restaurant in search of their morning meal at 7:00 a.m. on the dot. The chef is informed of the number of Guests who have already had their breakfast by the serving staff a few times every day. The information is crucial in planning the amounts of particular products and time at which they are to be served.  However, preparation of breakfast is not the only responsibility of the chef. He also has to deal with the meals for the hotel staff, acceptance of deliveries and keeping the kitchen spick and span.  

Breakfast standards and freshness of products

All our products are fresh, natural and top quality. With its long-standing experience Qubus Hotel chain employs only reliable solutions. We have also developed proper breakfast standards which determine amounts of particular ingredients and recipes of hot meals. There is always over 100 products available on the tables, no matter how many Guests visit the hotel at a given time. The freshness of all the products is verified every day by our chefs and the serving staff.  

Regional suppliers and our own recipes

It is a real logistical challenge not only to prepare all the food that is needed, but also to order all the products required. 

Qubus Hotel cooperates with regional suppliers to get all the genuine products, such as various kinds of honey from Mazury or bakery products from local bakeries.

 In selected hotels you may also delight in cheeses provided by an organic farm called „The Raspberry Homestead” and delivered to our hotels in Gorzów Wlkp., Głogów and Legnica. The cheeses are all ripening cheeses and are hand made in limited lots. Moreover, our breakfast chef prepares hot meals such as scrambled eggs on butter or a variety of hot sausages all by himself. During their morning meal our Guests can also make a special order from the breakfast menu, which includes such items as: 3 tastes of omelette, scrambled eggs with extras or fried eggs. Since last autumn our chefs have been baking their own bread and sand cakes based on their own recipes.     

Holiday breakfasts

Breakfast menu at Qubus Hotel keeps up with a variety of holidays. Our chefs prepare a new selection of products for this special time of year. Let us just mention our annual Easter menu, when the tables are full of such delicacies as roasted hams, raw sausages, eggs in a variety of forms, sour rye soup or sweets such as freshly baked marbled Easter cakes.

Guests have their say on our breakfast offer 

We introduce new products into our offer regularly. Many of those novelties are based on suggestions made by our Guests, whose opinions are highly valued by the hotel staff and specialists. The feedback is provided via internal communication channels such as conversations with our Guests, hotel questionnaires or Q-Club programme platform. Qubus Hotel specialists pay special attention to social media, which are a real mine of information in terms of our Guests’ opinions. With the synergy of actions and activities in the field of feedback management, our specialists find it easier to make decisions about the new products to be introduced into our breakfast menu. It’s enough to mention introduction of chives in December due to a request made by one of our Facebook fans. 

Our serving staff takes care of the comfort of our Guests at breakfast 

Our serving staff always takes responsibility for the comfort of our Guests at breakfast. The staff usually includes 2 or 3 persons, depending on the number of Guests in the hotel.  They will help with the choice of products, provide additional information about them and make sure that our Guests have everything they need, and that the food is constantly replenished. Their role is essential as each day hotel breakfasts are attended by 50 to 350 persons on average. As professional service is the top priority at Qubus Hotel, all our employees responsible for serving breakfast are properly trained in terms of their tea and coffee serving skills, psychology of contact with a Guest, proper quality of service and breakfast logistics. All those trainings are always part of Qubus Academy adaptation programme. 

Qubus Hotel breakfasts awarded and praised by our Guests

Qubus Hotel breakfast buffet was awarded in “the best hotel breakfasts” category by Our morning meals are also praised by our Guests who give their favourable opinions about our services at tourism portals. “Breakfast was truly varied and delicious. Loads of meals to choose from”, “Breakfast was perfect, a wide variety of fruit, hot meals, bakery products, cakes and pastries”, “Great breakfast, excellent food in the restaurant” — these are only some of the entries made by users of tourism portals such as, etc.  

Anyone can taste the famous Qubus Hotel breakfasts 

The unique breakfasts served at Qubus Hotel can be enjoyed by anyone. All you have to do is visit our hotel restaurant between 7:00 and 10:00 a.m. on weekdays or 7:00 and 11:00 a.m. on weekends, pay the breakfast charge and delight in all the genuine and tasty products. Moreover, those Guests who leave early and would like to have breakfast on their journey can order our lunch box on the previous day, to be prepared for them in accordance with our standards.