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The Qubus Hotel helps children and supports the idea of responsible business.

The Qubus Hotel has just started the cooperation with the Academy of the Future by participating in the action initiated by the SPRING Association called "Buy a Grade Record Book".

The action, whose aim is to buy so-called grade record books for children, has been inspiring great interest. Thanks to grade record books, children who are in care of the Academy of the Future will be supported with the volunteer's assistance. A volunteer's task will be to help them learn, enhance their self-esteem as well as faith in their own abilities.

- We have decided to join the action and support two children, because we want to promote effective assistance. We are of the opinion that investment in development and education of young people should be one of the most crucial tasks of modern society. Additionally, the idea behind the action corresponds with the values promoted by our chain, such as e.g. development, cooperation, engagement and result-orientation - says Karolina Celińska, the Junior Marketing Specialist at the Qubus Hotel chain.

However, it is not the only action in which the Qubus Hotel is participating. Before Christmas employees of the chain headquarters staff organized a charity collection for the Wroclaw Care and Education Centre. Children received e.g. colorful school supplies, tights, socks, small toys and various gadgets. Each year before Christmas the Qubus Hotel supports also various non-profit organizations by purchasing special Christmas cards. In 2012 the chain thus supported the Children's Fantasy Foundation in.

The idea of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (GOCC) also corresponds with the values promoted by the Qubus Hotel chain. This year, the Qubus Hotel Legnica is preparing 80 meals for GOCC volunteers. The meals will be given out during the GOCC 21st Final in the lounge of the Legnica Culture Centre.

- The idea of socially responsible business is very close to us and, therefore, we try to support the area of non-profit organizations with our actions. However, the idea of responsible business does not confine only to the provision of assistance. It also means appropriate domestic policy in our chain, according to which our employees are given rich employee benefit packages e.g. subsidies to private health care or sports and recreation activities - says Ms Karolina. - As a confirmation of the high quality of our personal policy we were awarded the Investor in Human Capital Emblem in 2012 - summarizes Karolina Celińska.

The Qubus Hotel is a chain of fourteen 3 and 4-star facilities, which has been operating in the Polish market since 1996. For 16 years the company has been dynamically developing not only their hotels and services, but also their personal policy as well as pro - social cooperation.