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4 Qubus Hotel facilities awarded with the ‘Family Friendly Hotel’ certificate

The 4th edition of the ‘Family Friendly Hotel' campaign has come to an end. The final of the competition, in which 85 hotels took part, was held on September 15th in Warsaw. 77 hotels were selected; all of them passed the audit of the Chapter members and gained the title of ‘Family Friendly Hotel'.

Among the winners, there are also 4 hotels belonging to the Qubus Hotel chain: Qubus Hotel Wrocław, Qubus Hotel Kraków, Qubus Hotel Legnica and Qubus Hotel Gdańsk.

The aim of the campaign is to select children friendly facilities and their promotion in Poland. The granted certificate proves that families with children as well as expectant mothers may feel comfortable and safe in the hotel.

- We are very happy to have received the certificates. They show that our hotels are well-equipped and prepared to welcome families with children. We always treat Young Guests kindly. Additionally, in the facilities belonging to the Qubus hotel chain, we do our best to guarantee parents special equipment for children of all ages - says Michał Świgost, Sales and Marketing Director at the Qubus Hotel chain.

The 4th edition of the competition laid special stress on the maintenance of safety standards of the hotel facilities, kind service and understanding of the needs of Young Guests. Equally important were animation programs and the promotion of healthy menu for children. All those criteria were carefully verified by the Chapter members i.e. families with children who, touring the hotels, evaluated them.

Qubus Hotel Legnica hosted Monika Mrozowska, who positively described her stay:

‘very hospitable, kind and warm service makes that everyone who decides on even a short stay at the hotel, will be treated exceptionally and with due attention (...) My children could finally eat something else than just chips or spaghetti with tomato sauce. Menu included among others ... gnocchi. Delicious gnocchi.'

Also Qubus Hotel Kraków was positively reviewed by Joanna Racewicz:

‘Location of the Qubus Hotel is surely its asset. Admittedly, well-used. It is difficult to find another hotel with its own boat and river cruises on offer. It is also difficult to find another facility with a comparably stunning view from the hotel swimming pool. Swimming or soaking in the Jacuzzi in the company of the Mariacka Tower. Priceless (...). When it comes to children, at the Qubus hotel they are very warmly welcomed with a package including books, crayons and colouring books. They have their own small corner in the dining room and colorful menu prepared especially for them'.

The Qubus Hotel chain includes 14 facilities centrally located in Poland's most attractive cities. These are three- and four-star hotels, suitable both for business Guests as well as for individual Guests, including families. 16-year old experience of the Qubus Hotel chain always guarantees the highest standard of service in each of the facilities.