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A prestigious award for the Qubus Hotel Prestige Katowice employee

On 14 November 2012 in Wrocław the final of the prestigious Bacardi Legacy competition took place. 20 best bartenders in Poland have been invited to participate.

The competition consisted not only in presenting the bartenders' skills but it also tested the proficiency in creating cocktails and the charisma, personality and the art of autopresentation of a bartender. The innovative formula of the competition made it very popular among the people from the sector.

During the competition the bartenders also had to present their version of a cocktail based on Bacardi Superior rum and to prepare an excellently balanced cocktail Bacardi Daiquiri famous all over the world.

The competition was strong, and the bar has been placed very high.

The winners of the Polish edition of the Bacardi Legacy 2012 were 3 persons including Rafał Nawrot - the bartender representing Sky Bar localised in Qubus Hotel Prestige Katowice. The three of them will soon go for a journey of their life to the picturesque Puerto Rico.

- The drink I prepared in the competition is called True Bacardi Desire. My inspiration was the combination of two opposing cultures: Polish and Caribbean. This cocktail is a mixture of passion, hard work and enthusiasm - says Rafał Nawrot, the winner of the competition - I am very happy that I succeeded, and that the jury appreciated my work. However, I know this is only the beginning and I will have to go through many more hours of work, but it will be also be a pleasure for me, and that's what I was thinking about when creating the winning cocktail. I hope to go to Puerto Rico not only for holiday but also to proudly represent our country and of course the Qubus Hotel - adds Rafał Nawrot.

In February the three winners are going to compete once again, this time for the honour of representing Poland in the world finals to be held in Puerto Rico. The additional award for the final winner is the participation in the bartenders' workshop held in Miami.

- We are very gland that Rafał earned the highest achievement among bartenders from across the Poland. We are trying to make our employees masters in their work, but also to support their passions. We've got many excellent bartenders in our country, and one of the best works for us so the award is also very important for us, the employers - says Ewa Słodczyk, Head of Sales and Marketing of Qubus Hotel Prestige Katowice.

Sky Bar in Qubus Hotel Prestige Katowice is a unique place localised on the 27 floor of the Altus building in the centre of Katowice. From its windows one can admire a panoramic view over the entire city. In Skz Bar we also organise parties such as both occasional and business meetings, as well as closed-circle weddings.