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New winter menu in Qubus Hotel

Since 18th of December, Qubus Hotel invites to its restaurants for traditional, Polish dishes.

New, winter menu of Qubus Hotel surprises with its noble dishes. It focused on dishes made according to the best Polish recipes. Stodgy and original propositions will certainly please the taste of many people.

The feast may be started with delicious barley soup accompanied by dried boletuses and poultry gizzards. Gourmets will have a chance to taste such specialities like cod loin stewed on butter or roast beef steak.

- New menu is a favour to Polish traditions. This way, we want to remind our Guests about the dishes that are rarely served in restaurants and which taste values are excellent - says Michał Ogórek, the Chief Specialist on Gastronomy in Qubus Hotel - this is why we prepared such dishes like e.g. goose breast in oranges and fresh ginger or wild boar loin in boletuses stewed in white wine - adds Michał Ogórek.

However, these are not all propositions for new, winter menu. There will also be knuckle iced with linden flower honey served on pumpkin puree.

Dessert lovers will also find something for themselves in form of shortcake tart with plums and almonds served with vanilla ice-cream.

- Our best chefs always participate in creation of new menu for Qubus Hotel. We do our best so that all of our dishes are always made of high-quality ingredients, but also in order to promote rare types of meat, fish, etc. Our dishes enjoy great appreciation among our Guests. They are stodgy and healthy - says Mariusz Tkaczyk Specialist on Gastronomy in Qubus Hotel.

The proposition of drinks and selected wines which emphasize the taste of dishes will be a perfect supplement of new dishes introduced by Qubus Hotel.

We invite you to Qubus Hotel restaurants for Old Polish feast full of stodgy dishes.