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Offer for businesses and travel agencies

You are more than welcome to establish cooperation with Qubus Hotel chain. We offer numerous and modern accommodation and conference facilities, experienced management and promotional discounts within the entire chain.

Establishment of cooperation:

1. Cooperation with one of Qubus Hotel chain facilities.

You are welcome to engage in cooperation with any of our hotels. Director of the hotel or its marketing and sales specialist will be glad to acquaint you with all the details of our cooperation principles.

2. Cooperation with more than one of Qubus Hotel chain facilities.

We encourage you to contact our central office (Qubus Hotel Management) which manages all the chain facilities. We will provide you with full service and advice in individual selection of our offer.

Services offered by Qubus Hotel Management include:

  • sale of accommodation services within the entire chain,
  • services for package tourism,
  • organization of conferences, trainings and company events,
  • organization of banquets and special events.


Benefits resulting from cooperation with Qubus Hotel Management:

  • One contract which guarantees special prices within the entire QUBUS HOTEL chain for your business and its contractors.
  • Quick and easy reservation with our reservation system - no additional formalities required.
  • Offers tailored to your individual needs.
  • Quick and effective response to the needs and suggestions of our Guests.
  • Professional service within the entire range of services offered.
  • Clear and uniform standards applicable to all our facilities, offered within Qubus Hotel chain central management system.


Contact with Marketing and Sales at Qubus Hotel Management.