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The city’s attractions

Within the last few years Łódź has witnessed intensive growth of its business and cultural environment. Its Special Economic Zone develops dynamically. What is more, the city owes its popularity with artists, tourists and lovers of industrial architecture to its rich history and numerous festivals.

Main attractions of the city include:


Piotrkowska Street is the most elegant street in Łódź and the longest shopping street in Europe. It is over 4 kilometres long. 

It is commonly known as "the backbone of the city". It is the place where a variety of cultural and entertainment events takes place.

In addition to this, the entire street is under supervision of heritage conservation officer.

Manufaktura is currently the largest arts centre, shopping mall and leisure complex in both, Poland and Europe. It was opened on 17th May 2006 in Łódź. 

It is one of the most successful projects of revival of industrial architecture. Reconstruction of the complex was performed in a way that would guarantee preservation of the genuine atmosphere of 19th-century Łódź and the factory of Izrael Poznański.

Central Museum of Textiles is located in the former White Factory in Łódź. The Factory was built in the years 1835-1839 by Ludwik Geyer. 

It was the first "multi-department factory" in Łódź. It housed the first mechanical spinning, weaving and printing rooms for cotton powered by steam machine in Poland.

Its rich collection of machines brings its visitors closer to textile manufacturing process.

Open-Air Museum of the Łódź Wooden Architecture can be found just next to the Central Museum of Textiles. It was opened for the public on 30th September 2008. 

The Museum includes many perfectly preserved monuments, including over 200-year-old larch church and five wooden craftsmen houses.

In addition to this, visitors can enter the houses to see the living conditions of workers of textile factories from the past.

The above pictures have been downloaded from Wikipedia
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