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The city’s attractions

Legnica owes its unique atmosphere to its rich history. The city can boast a number of precious monuments that survived the whirlwinds of history.

Main attractions of the city include:


The Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul in Legnica is situated in Katedralny Square. It was erected in the years 1333-1380. The Cathedral is the centre of religious life of the city. 

It used to be called the main church of the city in the past. Its architecture is pseudobasilican in form.

The oldest work of sacred art in the church is the priceless baptismal font made of argentine bronze.

The Piast Castle is the most important and magnificent building in Legnica. It is also one of the oldest castles in Poland as well. 

This historical stronghold was the first and most mighty fortress built in the Polish lands. Nowadays it houses many schools and a library having rich collection of works from all over the world.

The Knight Academy is one of the most spectacular and best preserved examples of Austrian baroque in Poland. 

The Academy was designed by the architect Joseph Emanuel Fischer von Erlach from Vienna.

It was an elite school for young boys.

The City Park in Legnica is the oldest and largest park in the city. It is situated in the centre of the city and covers total area of 58 hectares. 

The outlay of the Park is rectangular and the entire area is crisscrossed with many alleys and a few small streets.

The City Park in Legnica is in the group of the most beautiful parks in western Poland.

Blessed Virgin Mary's Church is one of the most beautiful places in the centre of Legnica and the oldest church in the city.

Its the most important advantage is antique organ made in K.G Weigle's workshop in Stuttgart in 1914. Distinguishing mark of the church is a stained glass window gallery presenting biblical and historical scenes related to the history of Silesia.

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The above pictures have been downloaded from Wikipedia