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Torino Paninoteka&Bar

Torino Paninoteka&Bar

Torino Paninoteka & Bar is a new, exceptional spot on the map of Bielsko-Biała. Qubus Hotel is the owner of the brand which guarantees the highest quality of service and cuisine to its Guests. The café is located in the very centre of Bielsko-Biała in Sfera gallery.

Paninoteka is a genuine, cosy café where you can rest, drink a cup of aromatic coffee and eat a nourishing breakfast or light lunch. It is also a perfect place for business meetings or a late brunch with your friends.

Menu - genuine Italian recipes

Our menu consists of unique dishes composed of genuine Italian products such as dried tomatoes, olives or mascarpone. You will fall in love with the traditional Italian cuisine when you taste our home-made focaccia or panini. Enthusiasts of healthy food will be pleased to choose from a rich offer of light salads such as salad Niçoise, composed in accordance with the genuine recipe with pieces of fried tuna, capers, and a mix of lettuces with a lemon-mustard dressing or a traditional Caesar salad with grilled chicken and aromatic anchovy and Parmesan dressing. Those who have a sweet tooth may choose from delicious desserts, including dulce de leche cake made of 24 crispy wafers and caramel cream. A selection of unique blends of tea and coffee is a perfect finishing touch of the menu.

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The concept of Slow Food

Torino Paninoteka&Bar stands out from the plenty of other restaurants and cafés with its unique offer distinguished by taste and care. This is how Paninoteka promotes not only discovering of the regional, Italian cuisine, but also makes the best of the fresh, high-quality Polish and Italian products. Its modern interiors have been designed to be enjoyed our Guests, who visit Torino in search of relaxation and peace.


Torino Paninoteka&Bar
phone: (+48 33) 470 2 194

Opening hours: 12:00 a.m. to 24:00 p.m.