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The city’s attractions

Złotoryja is one of the oldest towns in Poland, with plenty attractions for those tourists, who are interested in the history of gold mining. Its location makes it an excellent tourist accommodation for skiers who want to explore the slopes of Łysa Mountain, but also for those tourists, who want to enjoy trips to local castles or visit the Lower Silesian Wilderness.

Main attractions of the city include:


The Blacksmith's Tower was erected at the turn of 15th and 16th centuries. It was a part of defensive walls that surrounded Złotoryja. The Tower is a cylindrical structure based on round, stone foundation. It is 13 metres tall. 

In the past the Tower could be accessed directly from defensive walls. Currently the entrance is located 6 metres above the ground. Those who want to get to the top must go up 45 stone steps.

The Town Hall in Złotoryja is a Neo-Renaissance building that was erected in the years 1841-1842. It is a perfectly preserved three-storey classical monument. Currently the building is the seat of Cooperative Bank and a Tax Office. 

In front of the Town Hall there is a baroque Dolphin's Fountain. It was built in 1604 on the initiative of its mayor. At the beginning it was used as a town well. Nowadays the renovated fountain delights tourists with its tasteful design.

Grodziec Castle is situated on a high, basaltic hill located in Złotoryjski Poviat, nearby the village of Grodziec. It was built in the second half of 15th century by Duke Fryderyk I. It is perched on a steep, volcanic hill at the height of 389 metres above sea level. 

Renovation works performed after the end of WW2 provided tourists with possibility of visiting its major buildings, towers and main gate.

The Wolf's Mountain is a basaltic peak with total height of 367 metres above sea level. It is located within Kaczawskie Foothills, between Złotoryja and Wilków. 

The Wolf's Mountain is a former volcano that was active over 15 million years ago. It displays almost complete cross-section of a volcanic chimney as well as results of various types of volcanic activity. In addition to this, there are pseudo-karst caves at the foot of the mountain: Wolf's Burrow and Bear's Burrow.

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