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The city’s attractions

Głogów is a town full of monuments from the period of the Piast Dynasty. Its historic spirit intersperses with modern architecture, which makes it a place that is worth seeing.

Main attractions of the city include:


St. Nicolas Church is one of the oldest monuments in Głogów. Its erection started as early as 1230.

The church was badly damaged during war and remains a ruin ever since. Luckily gothic outlines of the building along with its medieval conversions survived.

Partial reconstruction of the church is planned for the nearest years to renovate the interior of the church.

The Collegiate Church in Głogów towers over the oldest district of the town - Ostrów Tumski.

This historic church was badly damaged during WW2 and currently it is undergoing renovation.

It is considered to be one of the oldest churches in the Silesia, as its beginnings reach back to the first rulers of the Piast Dynasty.

The Castle of the Dukes of Głogów was erected in 13th century by Duke Konrad I. At the beginning the castle was a wooden construction with a detached brick tower.

Over the years the castle was reconstructed many times and badly damaged in 1945. Luckily it was rebuilt after the war.Nowadays it houses the Museum of Archaeology and History.

Tolerance Bridge is the first and only pink bridge in Poland.

In the 90's a voting was held to select the best design on reconstruction and renovation of the bridge. Citizens of Głogów selected the design with controversial pink and lilac colours.

The bridge was thoroughly renovated and painted and in 2005 it was named: "Tolerance Bridge".

The above pictures have been downloaded from Wikipedia
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