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The city’s attractions

Gliwice is a city full of monuments and numerous green areas that can boast its rich recreational and cultural attractions. The city is proud of its Old Market (one of the largest old markets in the Silesia) with a beautiful 15th-century Town Hall.

Main attractions of the city include:



Sanitary Technology Museum is one of the most unique museums in Poland. It is located at 16 Tomasza Edisona Street in Gliwice.

It houses historic sanitary equipment to show technology employed formerly for sewage treatment.

Sanitary Technology Museum is a part of Industrial Monuments Route of the Silesian Province.

Museum in Gliwice is the oldest, historic museum in the Upper Silesia (over 100-year-old tradition).

It is a part of Industrial Monuments Route of the Silesian Province and one of the most interesting elements of the industrial tourism route.

Apart from its permanent exhibitions the museum offers a number of temporary exhibitions and organizes many meetings, lectures, concerts and workshops for young children and teenagers. 

The Radio Tower was erected in 1935 in Gliwice and is one of the most interesting tourist attractions of the Silesian Province.

It is the second-tallest wooden structure in the world. The Tower is 111 metres tall.

It is in excellent technical condition and it is worth seeing from close up.

The Gliwice Palm House is located in Chopin's Park, in the very city centre.

The building is a modern architectural structure housing over 5600 plants, the oldest of which are even over 100 years old.

The Palm House is also a home to a number of exotic animals, such as grass carps, geckos, turtles, canaries and parrots.

The above pictures have been downloaded from Wikipedia
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