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06 June 2023


07 June 2023

Sustainability report in the Qubus Hotel chain

It’s a document that shows our efforts in the pursuit of constant development of the company in the following areas: social, environmental and corporate.

1. Board Statement

The chain Qubus Hotel (hereafter «Qubus») is one of the largest business hotel chains in Poland.
The first Qubus hotel was opened in Zielona Góra in 1996. Caiano was a shareholder in the Qubus Group already in 2001. From 2007 the Group has been fully owned by Caiano. In total, the Qubus chain now consists of 12 hotels. One of these hotels, Alto Zory, is marketed as a separate concept. All hotels are situated at attractive and good locations. In total the hotels have around 1200 rooms. Ten of the hotels are operated in owned buildings. Qubus also owns attractive properties in Katowice and Poznan.
All the Qubus hotels have conference facilities, from one conference room in Lodz to respectively eleven and twelve conference rooms in Krakow and Legnica. Qubus has high competence and many years of experience in organizing conferences, and the hotels receive good feedback.
Qubus Hotel Holding Sp.z.o.o. and its three subsidiaries are also part of the Caiano Group and share its values. Caiano has always focused on long-term commitment, hard work, sincerity and trust. The vision of Caiano is to create lasting values in a respectable, responsible and good manner.

A sustainable development is a development that meets the needs of the present without
compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Sustainability has three dimensions:

  • Economic
  • Social
  • Environmental

Focus on sustainability is important. Good corporate governance is important. Short term profit may contradict sustainability. We have the will and ability to focus on sustainability and contribute positively through our long term value creation.
Through our business, Caiano has since the beginning worked for sustainable development.
Sustainability and profitability is interconnected. We can not be profitable without also taking care of the people and the environment. We have worked to create lasting values, create positive foot prints and minimize negative impact on the environment and the community we are part of. We have created and developed businesses that contributes to changes developing our community and individuals. For us, this is the core of creating a sustainable development.
We believe that focus on reduced consumption and taking care of assets are some of the most important contributions to a sustainable society. We will continue to create lasting values in a responsible and good way.
The company has a long-term dedication. The company has a principle of maintaining and extending the lifetime of assets as long as possible. Proper maintainance is crucial to secure efficient and good management and gives important environmental gain. The high standard of our hotels are kept through continuous renovations and upgrades.
In Qubus we are of the opinion that environmental, social and governance sustainability and profitability is connected.

We can not be profitable without also running the business in a responsible manner and taking care of the people and the environment. Some of our focus areas are:

  • Diversity
  • Promoting youth employment, education and training
  • Environment
  • Food sustainability

Long-term values Qubus has developed an ESG Report for 2021. We want to make it visible and direct the focus on the importance of sustainability in our business and in the report we will describe our work related to this. Sustainability should be in the essence of what we do. We want our customers and business partners to know that we want to be a part of the green shift.
We will continue to do what we are good at, whilst a more visible and increased focus on
sustainability will make us even better.

2. Sustainability Goals

In the process of developing the company`s first ESG report there has at the same time been made an analysis of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in order to identify which of the 17 goals are most relevant for the company. Qubus has concluded that presently the following UN Sustainable Goals are most relevant.

3. Environment, responsible consumption and partnerships for the goals (SDG 12, 13, 14, 15 and 17)

3.1 Qubus Quality System

Qubus has a quality system related to business operation, environment and waste handling, which is in many ways similar to a ISO system.

3.2 Water

Water is an important resource.
We work towards reducing the water consumption through:

  • Encourageing our guests to use the towels more than one day
  • Continous work in every department towards reducing water consumption
  • Installed water efficient cranes and showers
  • Water consumption is being reported

Currently the water usage per quest is 0,15-0,25 m3, which is about 150-250 litres. We aim to reduce this. We are monitoring water usage on a monthly basis.

3.3 Energy
We are working on assessing new ways to be more energy efficient. We monitor internally the energy usage every month.

What did we do in 2021?

  • We have a procedure for putting the relevant hotel into «sleep» mode when the occupancy is low, hence reducing the use of energy
  • Replaced several appliances with energy-saving appliances, for example changing to LED lamps in all hotels
  • Use Building Management Systems in all hotels
  • Control of energy consumption by utilities in all hotels
  • Installation and use of photovaltaic systems in the head officein Wroclaw as well as in the hotel in Gliwice
  • Regular energy audits for all hotels
  • Changed to energy-efficient air conditioning and heat pumps in all hotels
  • Retention of rainwater on all hotel properties (instead of discharing it into sewage)

What we plan to do:

  • We plan to start installing photovaltaic systems in 3 hotels (Kielce, Zielona Gora and Alto Zory)
  • We plan to install electric car chargers in all hotel car parks

3.4 Chemicals
We comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Our supplier, Ecolab, has ecological certificates.

3.5 Food
About 30% of all produced food goes to waste. This is unacceptable.
We monitor food costs and inventory categories of the breakfast. Wasted food is put into the inventories as a separate category in order to monitor this. The goal for 2022 is to recognize the actual level of such waste and work on reducing it.
We focus on using local food products, hence providing support to local and often small producers
and reducing the carbon footprint.

Plans for 2022:

  • Consider reduction of the size of the plates from 24 cm to 21 cm
  • Increased use of local products in the hotel restaurants

3.6 Waste
What we did in 2021:

  • Waste segregation
  • Management of packaging turnover, herunder participation in the BDO system. BDO is a
    database on products, packaging and waste management.
  • Switching from plastic to biodegradeable packaging
  • Disposal of catering waste using grease separators etc.

4. Decent work and economic growth, gender equality and diversity, reduced inequality (SDG 3, 8, 10 and 11)

A good working environment is important to attract and keep competent employees. The human
capital is considered to be important for good management of the company.

Qubus follows all applicable laws and regulations.
The company offers competitive salary and conditions. At present we have employee benefits, like private health care, lunch in the workplace, promotion of physical activity through co-financing Multisport cards, promoting vaccinations, social funds under which the employees are given Christmas and Easter benefits and financial aid.

Qubus will have an internal routine regarding whistleblowing, that is at present being implemented.
We have a representative of the Employees, which represents the staff towards the employer, and a
Trusted Person of the Staff, which is a person who helps the employees with on the workplace, regulations, etc.

Sick leave level was at 7,7 % at Qubus hotels in 2021, although it was still a special year due to
Average sick days per year in 2021 at Qubus hotels was 29,69 %, compared to 39,27 % in
general in Poland.

Diversity and equality is important at Qubus:

  • Our working environment is based on diversity and equal worth
  • Any form of discrimination based on race, sex, age, religion, political opinion, national or social origin or other that is a breach of the principal of equality is unacceptable.
  • We treat each other fairly and with dignity and respect.

In 2021 we had employees with 4 different nationalities (Ukrainian, Belarusian, Tunisian and Polish nationality).
More than 60 percent of the managers in Qubus are women. Qubus will continue to work for gender equality and diversity through recruitment.

What we did in 2021:

  • Training of young people for the hotelier profession, hereunder co-operation with vocational schools
  • Meeting the educational needs of employees (Qubus Academy, Team Management Academy, e-learing online platform, adaption programmes, the company library)

Due to the situation in Ukraine, there are presently (March 2022) certain steps being taken in order to:

  • Support and employ refugees from Ukraine
  • Provide lodging for employees from Ukraine

5. Local community

We care about the local community.
In 2021 the hotel in Kielce donated 24 hotel beds to the Muncipal Family Support Center in Bytom.
Taking into account the situation with the refugees from Ukraine now in 2022 material aid is currently being provided also to:

  • The Refugee Center in Rzeszów
  • ”Tratwa” (Centre for Catastrophes and Natural Disasters Wrocław)
  • Baptist Church in Głogów
  • City hall in Gorzów Wielkopolski
  • City hall in Strzelce Krajeńskie

We also focus on purchasing of local products for the hotel restaurants.

6. Human trafficking

Human trafficing is a violation of the human rights and is unacceptable. We follow all laws and regulations regarding this.

7. Anti-corruption

Qubus has zero tolerance for any kind of corruption, including but not limited to bribes or
offering/accepting any other form of improper advantages.

8. Privacy protection

Privacy protection is a human right and it is important to safeguard this value. Every individual is entitled to decide how their personal information is to be processed.

We focus on compliance with regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation. We focus on protection of personal data and have routines in place in this relation.

9. IT security and technological innovation

The Group uses resources on securing the computer systems against attacks. High standard on IT security is important in order to avoid fraud, loss of personal data and minimize downtime on critical computer systems.

Supporting technological innovations such as computer server virtualization, application
containerization, self-service check-in kiosks, centralization of IT resources for more efficient use, implementation of mobile applications for faster access to information and better management of resources, building IT services that automate business processes.

10. Anti-Money Laundering System

  • Mandatory Disclosure Rules (MDR) System implemented
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) System implemented.
  • Compliance with applicable laws and regulations

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