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What room arrangements are possible in your hotels?
Our hotels offer theatre, classroom and semicircle arrangements.

Do you offer multimedia equipment rental services?
Of course, multimedia equipment can be rented at our hotels for the purposes of your conference.

Is there a car park at the hotel? And is it paid? 
Each of our hotels has its own car park. The price may vary depending on the hotel and conference contract. 

How can I pay?
We accept cash, credit/debit card payments and bank transfers.

Do you offer wireless Internet access and how much does it cost?
Yes, all our hotels offer wireless Internet access. Internet access is free of charge for our Guests.

Is it possible to occupy the conference room in advance to prepare the exhibition?
Yes, it is possible if our conference specialist has been informed of such plans in advance.

What catering offers are available for conferences?
Our hotels provide catering services tailored to requirements of our Guests. We offer rich menus for coffee breaks, lunches and suppers.

Is it possible to see the hotel in advance of the conference?
Of course, the hotel can be examined after proper arrangements with our conference specialist are made.

Do conference organizers get support from the hotel staff?
Of course, our specialists will be happy to assist you.

How much does it cost to rent a conference room for one hour?
We encourage you to contact the hotel of your choice – our specialist will prepare an offer that will be tailored to your needs.

Does the Hotel issue invoices for conference services (23%)?
Yes, we issue invoices for conference services (23%) after signing of the contract.

Are there any smoking areas in your hotels?
Yes, all our hotels have proper smoking areas.

Is it possible to arrange some conference information materials (rollup, stand) around the hotel?
The materials can be placed in locations shown by our conference specialist.

What is the deadline for free cancellation of the conference?
Conferences can be cancelled free of charge up to 14 days in advance, unless your offer provides otherwise.