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New menu in Qubus Hotel

This time, Qubus Hotel decided to change the menu completely. In the autumn and winter version, most of our dishes are the new compositions prepared by the best chefs in our network. In the menu, you will also find dishes rated the highest by our guests within the past two years.

The new menu starts on 12th of October in all Qubus Hotel restaurants. In there, you will find 28 delicious propositions of starters, soups, main courses and original desserts. The menu is completed with an excellent selection of red and white wine including Polish delicacies like Rondo-Regent and Solaris from Turnau vineyard.

A complete novelty is also the samples menu based on Polish cuisine. By paying once, the Guests will be able to try a several smaller portions of dishes, and thus enjoy their taste.

- This time, we focus on Polish cuisine accents. Apart from the native boletus mushrooms and autumn fruits, we invite you to try dishes made of juicy and nutritious beets. We have prepared e.g. beet cream with goat cheese. Beets are also a delicious addition to a duck breast smoked with alder wood. Of course, the enthusiasts of traditional dishes will also find what they like. For them, we have prepared e.g. sour soup on buttermilk, silky steak tartar, Kashubian herring or high-quality Polish meat and fish, including wide boar tenderloin with black lentil and chocolate, grilled in-bone pork chop served with buckwheat groats and boletus mushrooms dumplings or zander with chanterelle mushrooms and pickled cucumber - says Michał Keil, one of the authors of the new menu.

In the menu, you will also find unusual propositions like octopus ragout, grilled shrimp, lentil soup with curd cheese and roasted salmon or duck dumplings. The two of the most popular dishes in the menu will not be forgotten: tuna steak with wheat and buckwheat pasta, grilled bell pepper, black olives and spinach, as well as Angus steak with a baked potato with curd cheese with chives, asparagus, onion and bacon.

- We have also prepared original desserts for the sweet finale of the feast in our restaurants. You can choose from our three propositions: warm-served crumble apple pie with a delicate meringue and vanilla ice cream, plum carpaccio served with a delicate Italian wafer roll with cream, and a dessert to which we come back after years and which was widely appreciated by our guests, home-made poppy seed ice cream with chocolate sponge cake, white chocolate and raspberry mousse - sums up Mariusz Tkaczyk, the co-author of the Qubus Hotel menu.